Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Up?

Even though it feels like it, I haven't actually been on another planet. February has been a blur of a month for me, and tomorrow it's over. What's up with that?

I went to Amish country in Pennsylvania with my girlfriends, which we do three times a year. It's a weekend of shopping, eating, and pretty much laughing our butts off. No, they don't knit. But they do bring the car to a screeching halt when I say "Look! A yarn shop!" They patiently wait in the car while I enter the new shrine and do my worship. This time out I bought (FINALLY) a yarn winder. Man oh man, it is SO worth it! I also bought Cascade 220 in a really wonderful pink color to make another perfect sweater when I finish this one.

Where are the pictures of said yarn and ball winder? Um, yeah. Dont' hold your breath. I'm tired of this camera and I'm trying to justify buying another one. I really can't just say "Hi, honey, your camera stinks and I want one to take really good close-ups of yarn." Don't even.

Then I went away the following weekend for a music teacher's conference. I had a really good time and the bonus was I got to see ROCKAPELLA. I love these guys, and they even did the Folger's commercial. Brought back tons of stuff (freebies, music, LOTS of good ideas) and I can't wait to plan all this new stuff out.

Now I'm off again tomorrow for a doctor's appointment. Loads of knitting time, both sock and sweater. Then I promise, blurry or not, there WILL be pictures.

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