Sunday, February 11, 2007

Looky Looky!

Birthdays are wonderful, I don't care how old I get. Knowing my family was making me feel special just made me feel even more special! Even though I'm fighting the bronchitis and sipping the codeine (which really makes me feel weird, but I know it's working) it was a wonderful day.

First, there was French toast made by HH (Handsome Hubby, also known as Handy Hubby - you'll see why in a minute) with hot tea while the teenagers slept. Gotta love the quality time.

Then, there is this which only needs the staining and sanding before it's done. He made it when I wasn't looking! (Well, that's not hard. I am knitting, after all!)

A lovely dinner, followed by presents. They were VERY excited to give me my card, which featured Captain Jack Sparrow (arrr) and music to "Pirates" which is the music I am currently rehearsing with my school band. That card is priceless.

There was also a lovely set of silver necklace, earrings, and bracelets. In our house, we are big believers in looking for a bargain, so part of the fun was hearing that they found an amazing sale of 65% off all silver jewelry. Gotta love their bragging rights.

And the one I was hoping for, the one I delayed starting The Perfect Sweater for:

Already labeled and ready to go. Gotta love the options.

Gotta love family.

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