Friday, January 26, 2007

Swag and such

So I finished the dreaded second square, and it actually looks somewhat okay:

With the stunning backdrop of my white Gmac, and those ratty wires, who *wouldn't* love it??

I haven't seen anyone else's squares, yet. Can't wait, either. Oh, is that my nose getting longer??

And I got my ALPACA. I bought it from the ever wonderful Fricknits who was de-stashing. Ten luscious skeins, which now I have to find just the right pattern for. I'm very tempted to begin my first lace-ish shawl. The color is a soft, buttery yellow, and I think it would be gorgeous for a spring wrap. Now, if I only had some idea where *cough-knitty-cough* to find a shawl *cough-harlot-cough* pattern. . . .

I plan on staying in the house all weekend, finishing the sock, frogging the mitten (it's *still* too big!) and perusing my patterns. I will also make a giant pot of sauce, and maybe even beef stew. Mmmm. If you're good, you can have a recipe, 'kay?

Speaking of Kay, she's writing about turning 49. Honey, I'll be there in two weeks - wanna shop for support hose together?

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