Tuesday, January 9, 2007

. . . shiver. . . .

Yay! We had sweater weather today! My neck forgot what it felt like to be encased in a turtleneck, much less be surrounded by a scarf - now it's happy. Well, as happy as a neck can be; I guess it has the potential for as much happiness as, say, my elbow.

So, the scarf? Eighteen inches. That's it. It's still grey, still soft, still ribbed. No photo needed. Plus, the fewer pictures I can do with the basic camera we have, the better. Close-ups? Ya gotta be kiddin' me!

And the lesson plans? Smooth sailing so far. All four grade levels are doing well, and I actually feel more organized now then when I do them week by week.

I better stop. I don't want anybody in the universe thinking I've had more than my share of nice things today and start mysteriously unravelling my scarf. Ouch.

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