Friday, January 12, 2007

Closing Time

That's what today was. Today was the closing on my father's house. My beloved father who passed away in June, and whom I desperately miss. Coincidentally, yesterday was the anniversary of my mother's death. This has not been an easy week for me, even though yarn still does make me happy.

By the way, the socks won. Of course they did. What do we turn to when we need that comfort food of wool? Those easy, familiar, friendly, not demanding or stress-making socks that fit into your bag and go with you everywhere and are like a comforting cup of tea. They are green. Ish. When I have more than two rounds on them, I'll take a photo.

Our knitting group at work is making blocks for an afghan to be raffled, and they chose the yarn I despise most in the world - the homespun. It is unbearable yarn to me, but it is for charity and who am I to belittle somebody's choice in life?

If you have a moment, could you just send an uplifting thought my way? You don't have to write anything. Just think it. It'll get here.



ann said...

it's not easy inky, but the sharp edge of it does fade with time. sending good thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It truly is a tough time for you. I am sure your friends carry you in their thoughts.


inky said...

Thank you both for taking a moment to think of me. These small moments add up and they end up doing a world of good.

miss ewe said...

I thought it would get there faster if I actually typed it, as opposed to simply thinking it. I'll even go so far as to send you an e-hug... it'll get better.

Thanks for visiting my blog too -- the welcome mat is always out.