Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's some cool stuff!

So there it was, a hot steamy day, and when I got home, there were *two* packages on the porch. One said "Knit Picks" and one said "Loopy Ewe."

Heavens, which one do I open first???

Ohhhhhh, my books. Ones I have been panting after (especially in this heat!)

Three Elizabeth Zimmerman books which I intend to study intently; The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood; and Ann Budd's book of handy sweater patterns (love me some handy sweaters!!!)

Now, with trembling fingers, time to open the package from Sheri and see my very first Loopy Ewe order!

Dream in Color Smooshy - mmmmmm, there's no way I'm going to stop stroking this yarn. And I luvluvluv the deep color. As well, I'm loving the Fleece Artist - my first skein ever (yes, I'm a virgin!)

And here's the current sock (Knit Picks Memories Fly Fishing colorway) enjoying the beautiful summer afternoon. Hope you're doing the same!

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