Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday New and Old

I'm trying toe-up socks again, only this time I'm using Judy's Magic Cast-On and *wow* is it easy and awesome!

This is resulting in more of a square toe than I'm used to, but I'm committed. Remember this yarn?

My failure was ripped and re-wound, and we're trying again, me and the yarn.

I looked back through my old posts to find this shot and I am surprised at how little I've blogged. I guess it's been difficult to write stuff when I'm so busy reading all the other blogs, that I had very little left! But my knitting is increasing in quantity, and hopefully I'll keep it up when school starts again (bah).


My mother-in-law died Wednesday night. Parkinson's Disease is another of those cruel, wasting, misunderstood illnesses that leaves you helpless and hopeless and just waiting for its victim to be released from its grip. Now my DH is an orphan like me, and its really sucky. My children will have no grandparents for graduations or weddings, which I find so sad.


Hug the ones you love and have a great weekend.


Nancy said...

I just read your comment on Sheri@ the Loopy Ewe's blog about your toe-up sock. Just wanted you to know that I'm trying the same thing for my Q3 challenge! I found the Magic cast on - that went well, but I'm terrified about the heel! I've made a dozen or so cuff-down socks, but somehow, when I read the instructions for the heel on toe-up -- it makes me go HMMMMM.

I'm first going to try an afterthought heel, since I'm signed up for the Duet Sock Yarn Club, and that's the pattern she sent, but I think I can master the others, also.

Anyway -- hang in there with me, and let's both get a picture of at least ONE Toe-up sock on the website!


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inky said...

Nancy, thanks for the encouragement! I'm on a pair of top-down, but I promise to recommit for the next pair to be toe-up.

And, Camiseta? Um, yeah. Not so much.