Thursday, December 28, 2006

Welcome to the home

How long do you have to think about something before you do it? Apparently (in my case) ten months.

I didn't want to just jump on the blogging bandwagon without a lot of thought. Not that I thought millions of people would want to read my words (so they'd better be *darn* perfect!) but did I really want to put it all "out there" for anyone to read?

Clearly, I had (have?) some issues.

I'm not looking to get published. I'm not looking for a big return. I'm not looking to be an authority. (Okay, smarty-pants, what *are* you looking for?)

I want to write because time is moving pretty fast and it slows me down to write, think, and write some more about it. This is the upshot: I want a record of what goes on in here, because I can't remember it all and there's a lot to remember.

Just for the record: Married, two teenagers, teach music, knit, read, love movies, frustrated artist. Okay, that's going to be enough fodder for a while!

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Ann said...

Here's a Welcome Wagon casserole for ya! Welcome to the neighborhood.

I started blogging because I was emailing too much with Kay, and it seemed like a waste of perfectly good words not to put them SOMEwhere. My only advice is that you NEVER KNOW where this will lead you--fair warning!

I made my first socks last year. Totally addicting!

Happy new year!