Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yarn really DOES make me happy

There has been a lot of knitting going on, but no photos. Why?

Why, indeed?

There are three working digital cameras in this house, and my two daughters obsessively control them all. I have GOT to get my own, and soon!

So I'll just fess up. I have made:

Twisted Rib Socks in Dream in Color, a beautiful twilight blue.
A Baby Surprise Jacket in white washable wool, with a navy blue applied i-cord. I know it did something wrong, even thought it came out okay, because the increases didn't look as nice and neat as all the pictures I've seen. However, the recipient absolutely loved it, so good.
Lorna's Laces socks in a pastel blue/salmon/green colourway for Donna.
A group effort afghan in shades of copper, cream, and chocolate for an auction.

Currently on the needles:

Socks That Rock in a greenish/blueish/whitish colourway that looks just like the water. It's from the club last year, and I did my own pattern of ribbing the top in knit 3, purl 1, then stopping the ribbing at the foot. I'm at the foot of the second sock.

Cascade 220 (not washable, sadly) in pink for a cardigan. YES, I found a pattern in the March 2008 Creative Knitting called Moss and Ribs cardigan. Back and left front is done, just started the right front.

I am going to start another BSJ with craptastic yarn just to get it all straight in my head. (Not an easy feat these days!)

Currently sucking up my time:
RAVELRY. Especially the Loopy Ewe group, the Yarn Harlot group, and the Radar.
SANDY'S KNITTING. Who knew I could get so interested in bathroom musings, movie listings, and Fig pictures? I'm worried every day that she'll forget to post!
EARNING A LIVING. DD#1 is off to college in the fall, and my salary will be paying for it. Spring Break was this week, and I really got used to being a stay-at-home mom again. *sigh*

Now, close your eyes and imagine everything with pictures. In living color!

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Sandy said...

That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said. Thank you.
Oh, and a secret? Yarn makes me happy too! xo