Monday, July 2, 2007

Woo Hoo Monday!

Firstly, take a look-see here:

Stitch n pitch!

I'll be there on August 8th cheering on my beloved Mets and bringing my knitting! (My husband just can't believe it. He thinks he'll be sitting in a different section from me. Silly boy. Tootsiedoodle can't wait to bring her knitting, too!)

Now lookee over here:

I won a prize!

Claudia's MS ride was phenomenal in bringing the knitting power out to the world, and how lucky am I? I'm going to be able to dye my own sock yarn!

And for the final goodness, I went (for the first time) to the Container store today. Oh. My. Heavens. And trust me, it was heaven indeed. Go!

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