Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Random Wednesday! But this ain't all random!

Daylily with baby fly, from the perennial daylily bed.

I am rather tired today, as I escorted Snickerdoodle, Tootsiedoodle, and three of their friends to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. We all loved it, but I think I'm done with the midnight movies. The next day's pill is too bitter to swallow. (Yeah, that's about my coherence level today!)

Impatiens and begonias in the flowerpot on the patio (with the lead pipe in the Library).

We leave for vacation on Saturday, and in my brilliance I scheduled new wood floors to be installed while we are gone. However, that necessitates moving all (and let me just repeat that for emphasis) *all* the bleepin' furniture out of the living room and dining room, receiving the shipment of wood on Friday morning, and still managing to get four people packed and ready to go.

Our dog, Missy, with her new toy.

That includes dropping off that cutie at the pet boarder/vacation/spa facility. Do I have time for this? Does it matter? It's vacation, I have to get ready to enjoy myself!!!

In the meantime, I finished these.

I'm sorry, I have mislaid the wrap so I can't tell you about the yarn; but it was okay to knit with, and I did this pair on two circular needles. Both ways have their advantages to me, so I'll never pick just one to stick with.

And now, may we have a moment of silence:

I tried, I really did. I finally posted some of my thoughts and concerns on the STR board, and I was somewhat consoled to find I'm not alone in my lack of wonderfullness with completing or understanding these patterns. Of course, it gives me such a case of the humbles when Wendy churns them out like magic and has no trouble, but why am I trying to compare myself with the DaVinci of knitting?

So this really pretty yarn is now becoming Nancy Bush's Simple Ribbed Socks. I'm back in my comfort zone, sadder, but wiser.

(I should have titled this Drama Wednesday.)

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