Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random (i.e., no photos)

1. I'll be getting my third crown in May (sympathies to Norma who'll be going through Number 1). Thanks for the good bone structure, Mom.

2. The forsythia have bloomed, and I should have planted the peas already, but we were away the whole (first) nice weekend we had. So we will have late peas. God knows about the potatoes.

3. Never wear a grey bra under a pink sweater.

4. My Snickerdoodle is out camping with her Biology class for the next three days. Almost all grown up yet can't stop playing in the mud.

5. I can't miss a Gilmore Girls re-run.

6. Some days I'm so drained when I get home from teaching I'd love to eat mashed potatoes and go to bed.

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