Monday, October 6, 2008

Goodbye and Thank you

Previously on "yarn makes me happy!" the real-life drama:

1. I turned 50.
2. I had a mad-crazy end-of-the-school-year concert season and was incredibly stressed and a little angry.
3. Went to the shore.
4. Took daughter to college orientation two days later.
5. Went to a seminar one day later.
6. Went on vacation the day after I got back.
7. Prepared to take daughter to college.
8. Took daughter to college.
9. Missed other daughter's performance.
10. School began three days later.

I have not read my blogs regularly, I have slowed down on ravelry, forget plurk, and I am adamant about knitting every single day for my sanity.

When I realized I hadn't touched the blog since July 5, and that nobody noticed (including me! lol) I realized it was just not meant to be. It's not where my life is going and it's kind of silly to just leave this hanging here.

So if you ever read, thanks very much. Doubtful I'll ever meet any of you, because I can't go to the yarn festivals, or the get-togethers, or the camps and retreats and cruises and such, but I do very much love reading everyone's blogs. So that is one thing I promise to get back to.

Thank you very much to Stephanie, Ann and Kay, and the wonderful Sandy.


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